Raising awareness for cancer helps lots of people in a number of ways. Cancer awareness events, campaigns and messages can:

  • help reduce the stigma about cancer,
  • connect people to the support and care they need,
  • encourage research and fund advancements in the field,
  • reduce exposure to cancer risks,
  • promote screening and prevention efforts․

Through a collaborative effort with Cancer Awareness Raising at the Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology, a grant from the US Embassy in Armenia, and the Alumni Association of Armenia, the website was created in 2016.

Currently, the ongoing work at is supported by donations from the partner of City of Smile Foundation – Bridge of Health Charitable Foundation. The website provides information on types of cancer, medical facilities for cancer patients, doctors, as well as useful information on diagnostics, treatment methods, and other topics that might be of interest to patients and their families.


The goal of events organized by City of Smile Charitable Foundation together with its partners is to disseminate comprehensive information on cancer. In addition, the purpose of these events is to draw attention of general public to cancer-related issues, to dispel common myths on cancer and, last but not least, to allow patients with cancer and blood disorders escape the hospital routine and have fun.

You can find out information about the organized events in the News section of the website, as well as through the Facebook page of Foundation.

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